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Moving from one home to another can be a lot of work. You may need help caring heavy boxes or packing fragile personal belongings. If you need help, consider hiring Done Right Moving Inc to take care of all your moving needs. Our movers and packers have a lot of experience getting people from house to house. You can trust that we'll get the job done efficiently.

Our moving company can get your belongings where they need to go safely. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services in Chicago, IL.

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Make your packing experience easy

We don't just move your stuff. We pack it too. Our packing service comes with more than just wrapping your furniture. If you need packing materials for your items, we've got your back. We'll also happily wrap up and pack all fragile and delicate items so nothing breaks. You won't even have to worry about getting all your belongings into boxes with our help. We can handle all of that for you.

If you need packing services, call us at 773-992-7129 today. We can even provide free estimates.

Why should you trust us?

Your belongings are important to you, and you want to make sure that everything arrives to your new home safe and sound. You can trust our moving company to take care of your belongings because we:

Have 15+ years of moving experience
Offer free estimates
Are licensed and insured for your benefit

Here at Done Right Moving, we'll be sure to take extra care of your belongings. If you need movers and packers in Chicago, IL give us a call today.